build your own gift box
Step One: Box It Up.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, build your own gift box
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Step One: Box It Up.

Step One: Box It Up

Chesco Box
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Want the power to choose what goes into your Chesco Box? Start here by adding a gift box to cart to house your perfect gifts! An appropriate sized gift box will be chosen depending on the products you choose! Gift box, wrapping, and packaging are all included in this listing. 

Please choose a greeting to attach to your gift!

Step Two: Select your Products

*All products you choose to fill your Chesco Box are from small Canadian businesses, but as we are not in control of what you choose, your final box may not include BIPOC owned products. But please rest assured, your purchase still supports Chesco Box, which is a black-owned business, who strives to continually support BIPOC businesses in our boxes.

Click here to see our businesses with BIPOC products available