About Us

owner of Chesco Box kessiah Lawrence
Kessiah Lawrence - Owner of Chesco Box
We are a proud black-owned modern gift box company located in Manitoba. We realize buying local, buying Canadian, or buying BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour) owned isn't always easy. Where do you start? How do you choose to support? Where do you find these businesses? Those are the questions we asked ourselves before we started Chesco Box. Now, we strive to make it easy for the consumer to make socially conscious purchases for their friends and family and continue to support multiple shops with each box sold. 
 At Chesco Box we thoughtfully source our products within Canada, with a strong focus on Manitoban, and/or BIPOC owned businesses. We allow the customer the opportunity to discover new businesses and the products they create, and the opportunity for businesses to expand their consumer base. Through our boxes we give new opportunities for these businesses to thrive by giving them the spotlight and equality they deserve. 
 The term BIPOC is meant to bring people of colour together in the work for liberation while acknowledging that not all people of colour deal with the same types of injustice. With the recent tragic events and protests in the U.S. the economic disparities between ethnic groups have been brought to the forefront, particularly in black owned, indigenous and people of colour's businesses. At Chesco Box, we are part of the change by the commitment to continually support BIPOC owned businesses in each box we create.