Can I change an item in a pre-curated box?

We may be able to accommodate your request to add or remove items in one of our pre-curated boxes! Please send us an email at and we will be more than happy to send you a quote for the changes.

How do I get featured in your boxes?

At Chesco Box we are always looking for new businesses to support. If you feel your product would fit well in our box, drop us a message at! 

Are all your products from BIPOC businesses? 

We source our products from a variety of Canadian businesses to create "diversity in gift giving" within Chesco Box. We make it a high priority to include the products of BIPOC owned shops (and local) in each and every one of our boxes. We have done countless hours of research to find these businesses and are proud to carry their products. Please read more about our why here to understand why it’s important!  

When will my order be processed?

All of the boxes on our site are always in stock. We are able to process your order within 2-4 business days. You will receive updates via email to alert you of progress of order and final delivery.

How are you operating according to COVID 19 Guidelines?

We want to ensure your safety during these tough times! We follow the Manitoba Government guidelines and are working with our vendors to ensure precautions are taken. We encourage you to take extra precautions as well by wiping down with a disinfectant all packages you receive before opening and washing your hands after handling, even if this is not the main way the virus is spread. 

Do you have a return policy?

We do not accept returns on our gifts. Although, if an item arrives damaged please send us an email at and we will be more than happy to correct the issue.